kaichou Wa Maid Sama Season 2 request.

Will there ever be a season 2 of KWMS…? We all have had spoilers as NO there will never be a season 2. There are fans who believe it. But, still have hope to it.

who ever as seen KWMS season 1 surely wants a season 2. I am sure I am not the only 1 who wants a season 2. It’s 2017 an we ans still await for it

In this we collect people those who wish or a season 2. for this we need maximum support to it. do share it with KWMS fan friends. let them join in and make a strong support to it. we might need at least 1000 people to join in. then later on we gonna mail this to the creator of KWMS creator.

For those who prefer to watch Anime over reading the manga for it. 


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cropped-kwms-header.pngAbout KWMS season 2 request; fan contribution.

In this we kaichou wa Maid sama fans together contribute to long awaited matter… THE SEASON 2. 

Just like me, there are a lot of fans who wish for KWMS Anime season 2. watching ur favorite anime end is way better than reading ur favorite anime end. There have been manga volumes released for its season 2. But, many prefer watching it.

What about the people confirming, “No, there won’t ever be a season 2.”…?

I have heard it too… There are people claiming that ”There won’t be ever season 2 of KWMS. As the creator have stopped creating the Anime and also stopped publishing new Mangas. so, there won’t ever be more of it”. Some fans believe in this info. But, still have hope to it. I personally believe that the people confirming it are wrong and it is possible for the season 2 to be made in the coming years and be uploaded in YouTube instead of paid sites like Netflix . I believe our contribution can make it possible.

We fans are gonna fight for it. lets get as many as possible members to join in. And create a huge base to it. 

How many people do we need for the request and how is that gonna make it possible…?

According to me we need at the least 1000 people to contribute.

It is gonna be possible by after having at most amount of people joining in for contribution, posting comments upon their views and requests,…etc. we are then gonna mail this site to the creator of KWMS. They will see the amount of people willing to see the season 2 and requesting it. The more the people joining in the higher the chances are of being it made in the coming years. 

So, try to get as many as people to join in.

Thank You for your contribution.


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